Life had gone on. It always did. That's what you learned as you got older. Time. It kept moving. You couldn't stop it. You couldn't go back to the moments you wished you could change. They were gone. They left you in a snap. 
-Lee Martin, The Bright Forever.

I love I've been getting quotes from this site since high school. She always seems to have the best collections of quotes -  whether your happy, sad, miserable, in love or on a relationship/man hating rampage.  I can remember reading these daily throughout my high school days - when my life was full of Crossville athletics, spanish homework & the daily problems every small town teenage girl faces. It's now funny to look back and see how I can relate to some of the exact same quotes, now just in a completely different way. I believe I will include a few more of my favorites in this post!

Brooke: Haley still loves you. All you have to do is take her back. 
Nathan: Right. Kind of like with you and Lucas? You see! It's not so easy getting back in the ring. Ecspecially with the one who knocked you out in the first place.

After all, computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breathe and reboot. - Sex & the City

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